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Some major revisions as i have recently replaced my desktop. Namely: * switched to systemd for user level daemons and startup programs originally run from .xinitrc * beefed up the logout menu implemented by .bin/ to support pretty well all windows-managers (with some minor modification) and now with support for suspend and hibernate .Xdefaults: * did a little rearrangement to make things pretty * added the clipboard extension .authinfo.gpg: .authinfo-cd.gpg: * encrypted authinfo files for gnus (emacs) .bash_profile: * now checks if ~/.bashrc is a file and then executes it instead of just assuming .bashrc: * added a few new aliases * modified path to include ~/.bin .bin/ * now supports pretty well any window manager with minor modification (just edit the actionNames and actionExecs arrays respective elements) * now brings up a dmenu options menu to select one of cancel, logout, suspend, hybrid-sleep, hibernate, or shutdown * uses xdotool to send a hidden 'kill switch' to xmonad upon 'logout' * uses systemctl to suspend, hybrid-sleep and hibernate * uses the classic shutdown command for shutdown .config/mc/: * moved the config files from .mc .config/systemd/user/: * all user instance systemd service files go here * contains a symbolic link to all the currently enabled service files emacs.service: * starts the emacs daemon mpd.service: * starts a user level instance of mpd using the config ~/.mpdconf udiskie.service: * starts udiskie (a user level daemon for automounted media using udisk) urxvtd.service: * starts the urxvt daemon unclutter.service: * starts the uncluttered program trayer.service: * starts trayer using the options: --monitor 1 --edge top --align right --expand true --width 4 --height 2 --transparent true --tint 0x000000 xbindkeys.service: * starts xbindkeys xcompmgr.service: * starts xcompmgr xscreensaver.service: * starts xscreensaver .emacs: * added support for magit * added support for ipython * dropped in ELPA version of swank-clojure in place of the AUR version * preparing to use babel (part of org more for use with code) * upgraded yas to the most recent version from ELPA; need to smooth out some minor issues * python-mode is currently commented out in config but working; dropped in ELPA version in place of the AUR version i had previous * disabled gieser (in the process of dropping in the ELPA version..just ran into some hitch) * add a template for ruby to .emacs.d/templates .mpdconf: * user instance mpd config .screenrc: * re-enabled ncmpcpp in place of cmus as i'm using mpd now * disable mc in screen because it doesn't start correctly; mc is available through my xmonad scratchpad "mc" .vimrc: * enabled syntax highlighting .xbindkeysrc: * switched music keybindings from cmus-remote commands to there respective mpc commands * switched www key to conkeror in place of firefox .xinitrc: * use systemd --user to run a user instance of systemd to run startup programs generally run from this script. The programs i have written unit files are specified above and left as comments in this file. .xmobarrc: * my ethernet interface is now called 'eno1' not 'eth0' * TODO: need to setup wireless status xmobar widget for 'wlp7s0' .xmonad/xmonad.hs: * added keybinding for auto-umounting any disk auto-mounted by udiskie (Mod+shift+control u) * now using new .bin/ to kill session in a few different ways (Mod+shift q) * added a keybinding to toggle the status bar (xmobar) using (Mod b) * added better support for some full screen games: supertux2, doom3, steam and hl2 * set opacity on all emacs and gvim windows to 13/16 (btw this is done for urxvt using a property in .Xdefaults .xscreensaver: * an auto-generated file by xscreensaver-demo; may consider removing in the future as it can always be auto-generated but its nice to have all my screensavers saved and ready .xsession: * not currently using since i use slim but here for compatibility with gdm,kdm and other de's .zshrc: * some auto-generated changes thanks to compinstall * added a few new aliases * modified path to include ~/.bin Signed-off-by: Collin Doering <>
8 years ago
  1. " File: ~/.vimrc
  2. " Date: May 26, 2011
  3. " Author: Collin J. Doering <>
  4. " strip off file menu and toolbar
  5. set guioptions-=m
  6. set guioptions-=T
  7. " set color scheme to a dark one
  8. colorscheme slate
  9. " enable syntax highlighting
  10. syntax enable
  11. " number the lines
  12. set number