The configuration of Collin Doering
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#File: ~/.ratpoisonrc
#Author: Collin J. Doering <>
#Date: Mar 25, 2011
#Description: ratpoison userland configuration file
#Note: it is imporant to have comments have a character immediately after the '#'
#turnoff startup messages
startup_message off
#escape C-z
#virtual desks
gnewbg one
gnewbg two
definekey top M-l exec ratpoison -c "select -" -c "gprev" -c "next"
definekey top M-h exec ratpoison -c "select -" -c "gnext" -c "next"
#switch between windows
definekey top M-j next
definekey top M-k prev
unbind c
bind c exec urxvt
bind e exec emacs
bind f exec firefox2