The configuration of Collin Doering
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# ~/.xinitrc
# Executed by startx (run your window manager from here)
# Usage: .xinitrc [window-manager] [session-type]
# where: window-manager is one of '(xmonad openbox stumpwm awesome pekwm)
# session-type is either "local" or "remote"; upon "" defaults to "local"
# Runs system-wide xinitrc scripts
if [ -d /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d ]; then
for f in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/*; do
[ -x "$f" ] && . "$f"
unset f
# Set the default curson used by all WM's
xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr
# Allow swithing to/from US qwerty and dvorak layouts
setxkbmap -layout us,us -variant ,dvorak -option grp:sclk_toggle
# Initialize a local desktop session (run generic helper applications)
function init_local_session() {
# Set a desktop background
nitrogen --restore &
# Load Xresources
xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
# Create variable GENERAL_SCREEN which is the pid of a screen called "general"
GENERAL_SCREEN=`screen -ls | grep general | cut -f1 -d'.' | sed 's/\W//g'`
# Check to see if a general screen is already running
# DEPRECIATED in favor of tmux which is started by systemd
#if [ "x$GENERAL_SCREEN" == "x" ]; then
# screen -dmS general &
# Set the default wm to xmonad
# Initialize a remote desktop session (run generic helper applications)
function init_remote_session() {
# Set desktop background
feh --bg-scale ~/.wallback/Cocaine_Wallpaper_II_by_mdornfeld.png &
# Set the default wm to xmonad
# Check the second cl parameter which denotes the session-type (E.g. remote, local)
case "$2" in
# Remote session
# Local session or unspecified
# Check the first cl parameter which denotes the window-manager to use
# Notice: in each case expression below "exec app" hands over execution to some app thus
# ceasing execution in this script so no "break" is required
case "$1" in
exec "$1"
exec "$DEFAULT_WM"