The configuration of Collin Doering
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" {{{ anrxc's vimperator configuration with Emacs bindings
" Bindings
" *
" Todo
" * C-n and C-p in "INSERT (menu)" mode
" *
" License
" *
" }}}
" {{{ Options
" User styles as colorschemes in Vimperator 2 *BROKEN*
" colorscheme zenburn
" Window title
set titlestring=Firefox
" No toolbar and scrollbars by default
"set go=rb
" Editor, C-i invokes it in text fields
set editor=emacsclient
" Command line and search patterns history
set history=10000
" Show pattern matches as you type
"set incsearch
" Hilight previous search pattern matches
"set hlsearch
" Override ignorecase if pattern has uppercase chars
"set smartcase
" Show the tab bar only if more then one tab is open
set showtabline=never
" Focus content after a page has loaded *DISALED* - does not work with pentadactyl
"set focuscontent
" Show destination links in 1=status line, 2=command line
set showstatuslinks=command
" Show completions and use AwesomeBar (+search plugins)
set complete=sl
" *DISABLED* - does not work with pentadactyl
"set wildoptions=auto
" Ex commands output in a new tab by default (prefs, addons...)
set newtab=all
" Internal default search engine is ignored, plugins are used
"set ds=yubnub
" }}}
" {{{ Key bindings
" - Emacs GTK key-theme and FF already provide bindings for input fields
" M-x enters command mode
noremap <A-x> :
noremap <A-!> :!
" Emacs navigation in command line and insert mode
cmap <C-n> <Tab>
cmap <C-p> <S-Tab>
cmap <C-f> <Right>
cmap <C-b> <Left>
cmap <C-j> <CR>
noremap <C-j> <CR>
inoremap <C-j> <CR>
inoremap <C-n> <Down>
inoremap <C-p> <Up>
inoremap <C-f> <Right>
inoremap <C-b> <Left>
" Use C-f and C-b for tab browsing
noremap <C-f> <C-n>
noremap <C-b> <C-p>
" Use C-a and C-e to jump to first/last tab
"noremap <C-a> g0
"noremap <C-e> g$
" Or use them to go to the absolute left/right of the document
noremap <C-a> 0
noremap <C-e> $
" Use C-p and C-n for up/down
noremap <C-p> 2k
noremap <C-n> 2j
" Use C-v and M-v for jump scrolling
noremap <C-v> <C-d>
noremap <A-v> <C-u>
" Goto the top of the document with M-<
noremap <A-<> gg
" Goto the end of the document with M->
noremap <A->> G
" Use C-s and C-r for searching (n/N for next/prev as in less)
noremap <C-s> /
noremap <C-r> ?
" Copy the current URL to the clipboard with M-w
noremap <A-w> y
" Copy selected text to the clipboard with C-w
noremap <C-w> Y
" Paste the current clipboard selection to a new buffer with C-y
noremap <C-y> P
" Use current URL as a start for a new location with C-x C-v
noremap <C-x><C-v> O
" C-g as cancel (C-q is stop)
cmap <C-g> <Esc>
imap <C-g> <Esc>
noremap <C-g> <Esc>
" Avoid Find dialog when canceling a started command, C-x C-g
noremap <C-x><C-g> <Esc>
" Avoid quit on C-q, and it's more suitable for Stop here
noremap <C-q> :stop<CR>
" Kill the buffer with C-x k
noremap <C-x>k d
" Undo close tab with C-_ (also with C-Shift-t, as C-t is new tab)
noremap <C-_> u
" Exit and save the session with C-x C-c
noremap <C-x><C-c> ZZ
" Buffer lists with C-x b and C-x C-b
noremap <C-x>b b
noremap <C-x><C-b> B
" Open a link in a new tab with C-x t
" Open a link in the current tab with C-x l
noremap <C-x>t :t<SPACE>
noremap <C-x>l :o<SPACE>
" Open hints in new tab by default (switch roles of f and F)
"noremap f F
"noremap F f
" Switch hints to letter "j", for right hand usage
noremap j f
noremap J F
" Extended hint mode with M-j
" ; - focus link, a - save, y - copy link, O - :open query, T - for :tabopen ...
noremap <A-j> ;
" We can now also use F for Shift+b/f as back/forward
noremap F L
noremap B H
" Back with Backspace as well
map <BS> H
" Use C-h i to start help
noremap <C-h>i :help<CR>
" Record a key sequence into a macro with C-x (
noremap <C-x>( q
" Play a macro with C-x e
noremap <C-x>e @
" Set a mark at the cursor with C-x r m
noremap <C-x>rm m
" Jump to the mark in the current buffer with C-x r b
noremap <C-x>rb '
" C-v was pass-next, remap to bind with default keys
noremap <C-d> <C-v>
" C-x C-f starts the "Open File" dialog (C-x C-s is Save)
map <C-x><C-f> <C-d><C-o>
" {{{ Javascript functions
" Show the Feed and Bookmark buttons on the statusbar
javascript <<EOF
var statusPanel = document.createElement("statusbarpanel");
statusPanel.setAttribute("id", "buttons-panel-clone");
statusPanel.firstChild.setAttribute("style", "padding: 0; max-height: 16px;");
.insertBefore(statusPanel, document.getElementById("security-button"));
" }}}