POC setup and deployment of a kubernetes cluster for use as a personal compute platform
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  1. # Terraform DigitalOcean POC
  2. This is a proof of concept for deploying a kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean that can be used
  3. as my personal compute platform.
  4. ## Set DigitialOcean Token for use by terraform provider
  5. ```shell
  6. export DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN="$(yq -r '."access-token"' ~/.config/doctl/config.yaml)"
  7. ```
  8. ## Deploy
  9. ```shell
  10. terraform init
  11. terraform plan --var-file=default.tfvars --out out.plan
  12. terraform apply out.plan
  13. ```
  14. Note: Currently no remote state is used for this project