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Doctor: Add avrdude/dfu-util/dfu-programmer version printing (#8678)

* Doctor: Add avrdude/dfu-util/dfu-programmer version printing

* Extra newline

* Iterate through version checking functions
Ryan 1 year ago
committed by GitHub
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1 changed files with 31 additions and 6 deletions
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lib/python/qmk/cli/ View File

@ -63,6 +63,33 @@ def check_avr_gcc_version():
return False
def check_avrdude_version():
if 'output' in ESSENTIAL_BINARIES['avrdude']:
last_line = ESSENTIAL_BINARIES['avrdude']['output'].split('\n')[-2]
version_number = last_line.split()[2][:-1]'Found avrdude version %s', version_number)
return True
def check_dfu_util_version():
if 'output' in ESSENTIAL_BINARIES['dfu-util']:
first_line = ESSENTIAL_BINARIES['dfu-util']['output'].split('\n')[0]
version_number = first_line.split()[1]'Found dfu-util version %s', version_number)
return True
def check_dfu_programmer_version():
if 'output' in ESSENTIAL_BINARIES['dfu-programmer']:
first_line = ESSENTIAL_BINARIES['dfu-programmer']['output'].split('\n')[0]
version_number = first_line.split()[1]'Found dfu-programmer version %s', version_number)
return True
def check_binaries():
"""Iterates through ESSENTIAL_BINARIES and tests them.
@ -156,7 +183,7 @@ def is_executable(command):
# Make sure the command can be executed
version_arg = ESSENTIAL_BINARIES[command].get('version_arg', '--version')
check =[command, version_arg], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, timeout=5, universal_newlines=True)
check = run([command, version_arg], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, timeout=5, universal_newlines=True)
ESSENTIAL_BINARIES[command]['output'] = check.stdout
@ -240,11 +267,9 @@ def doctor(cli):
ok = False
# Make sure the tools are at the correct version
if not check_arm_gcc_version():
ok = False
if not check_avr_gcc_version():
ok = False
for check in (check_arm_gcc_version, check_avr_gcc_version, check_avrdude_version, check_dfu_util_version, check_dfu_programmer_version):
if not check():
ok = False
# Check out the QMK submodules
sub_ok = check_submodules()