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skullydazed a25dd58bc5
QMK CLI and JSON keymap support (#6176) 3 years ago
Drashna Jaelre 7ba82cb5b7
bface refactor (#6333) 3 years ago
Sidney Bovet a200f194d1 [Keyboard] Add support for XD004 macro keyboard (#6337) 3 years ago
T.Shinohara b2fb0ceeef [Keyboard] add macro pad "Shiro" (#6338) 3 years ago
Drashna Jaelre ff0cb0cf9d
Add GPL3 header to avr i2c files (#6332) 3 years ago
kakunpc cbcf888dc0 [Keyboard] new keyboard "angel64" (#6313) 3 years ago
zvecr d8253b83e8 Update docker util script and travis to use new base container 3 years ago
zvecr 0a03f7cff7 Update docker util script and travis to use new base container 3 years ago
Alex Mayer 21fc6be41b [Keymap] Fix Comment Styling (#6324) 3 years ago
Adrian L Lange 989c2094f8 [Keymap] [bface] My custom layout (#6322) 3 years ago
That-Canadian fd48f687b1 [Keyboard] Added IVY macropad (#6211) 3 years ago
mechmerlin f8e4921491 update readme 3 years ago
mechmerlin 66b63f66a9 minor cleanups 3 years ago
mechmerlin 77a7e3c91f remove custom i2c and led driver 3 years ago
mechmerlin b8c5efa555 remove custom matrix support 3 years ago
noroadsleft 4211252117 [Docs] Fix indented subheading on faq_debug.md (#6320) 3 years ago
William Chang 0694decfa1 [Keymap] switch backspace and backslash, updated readme (#6323) 3 years ago
Sid Carter da1f05fbc1 [Keymap] Add workman to my iris keymap (#6319) 3 years ago
Ryan Caltabiano cf215487ba Switching rgb_config_t to use HSV struct 3 years ago
Cody Bender e717dcaa09 [Keyboard] fixed pins for numpad_5x4 layout (#6311) 3 years ago
Konstantin Đorđević 38fdf7a2d2 [Keymap] Add missing tap dance action and fix RGB hues in personal keymaps (#6312) 3 years ago
Phil Schalm 663ca6ba9d Documentation: Newbs Flashing: Hightlight that sudo may be needed (#6300) 3 years ago
skullydazed 37d2f6dc2a
Switch version incrementing to the command put together by @noroadsleft. (#6310) 3 years ago
Cody Bender 475d2c0c30 [Keyboard] Adding KeyHive Maypad (#6287) 3 years ago
omkbd 2121de9192 [Keyboard] [runner3680] Fix the number of keys (#6302) 3 years ago
fauxpark 901edea927 [Keyboard] Fix XD96 info.json (#6309) 3 years ago
fauxpark 8e348c427d Display firmware size percentage (#6307) 3 years ago
fauxpark 2bbbfc6154 [Keyboard] Update Felix keyboard (#6306) 3 years ago
fauxpark ecf0612cc8 [Docs] Clarify the rules.mk setup for Unicode (#6286) 3 years ago
yttyx 676633e1f3 [Keymap] Balance Twelve / Steno Keymap for Planck (#6283) 3 years ago
Napoleon Wulkan e6420f0bd8 [Keyboard] Add handwired Wulkan keyboard (#6282) 3 years ago
XScorpion2 3ee062222a Fixing effects to respect user sat and val levels (#6275) 3 years ago
Stevan Milic 3dd2905b7b Add personal KBD67 keymap (#6292) 3 years ago
zjp 607f6f5c16 Fix typo in Gentoo docstring (#6303) 3 years ago
noroadsleft ffff0f03cb Fix bug in Mechllama G35 info.json (#6294) 3 years ago
noroadsleft 721b3546f6 QMK Configurator support for NEK Type A (#6295) 3 years ago
Drashna Jaelre 05a97482e6
[Keyboard] Enable LTO on Handwired/Promethium to reduce compiled size (#6227) 3 years ago
Konstantin Đorđević c69060465e Fix parentheses in macros, and in general clean up quantum.h (#5021) 3 years ago
Drashna Jaelre 37be1cb513
Fix debouncing issue for eager algorithms (#6081) 3 years ago
Kaylyn Bogle 207e50c534 Add G35 keyboard (#6263) 3 years ago
Drashna Jaelre 6cccc22be9 Use QUANTUM_LIB_SRC for i2c_master.c inclusion (#5617) 3 years ago
noroadsleft 3184303037 [Keyboard] Espectro: add LAYOUT_split_bs_joined_right data to QMK Configurator (#6289) 3 years ago
noroadsleft d780c2729b [Keyboard] Omnikeyish: fix LAYOUT_101 macro (#6285) 3 years ago
Konstantin Đorđević 220873dfeb [Keymap] Add personal Wasdat keymap, update other keymaps (#6290) 3 years ago
fauxpark 8b1cdd1e3d Add copyright year placeholders to new keyboard script (#6280) 3 years ago
Jason Krasavage dfebfecd48 [Keymap] Added my own keymap folder (#6261) 3 years ago
vxid 95b2364e5a [Keymap] Add crkbd/vxid keymap (#6281) 3 years ago
XScorpion2 6e6d079dd2 Updated OLED Docs with notes about screen timeout. (#6276) 3 years ago
Matthew Lyon 06ba968759 mattly's userspace and iris (#6279) 3 years ago
skullydazed 7579518613 Fix chibios so the dfu-suffix is only applied once. (#6270) 3 years ago