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"""Create a keymap directory from a configurator export.
import json
import os
import sys
import subprocess
from milc import cli
import qmk.keymap
import qmk.path
@cli.argument('filename', help='Configurator JSON export')
@cli.entrypoint('Compile a QMK Configurator export.')
def main(cli):
"""Compile a QMK Configurator export.
This command creates a new keymap from a configurator export, overwriting an existing keymap if one exists.
FIXME(skullydazed): add code to check and warn if the keymap already exists
# Error checking
if cli.args.filename == ('-'):
cli.log.error('Reading from STDIN is not (yet) supported.')
if not os.path.exists(qmk.path.normpath(cli.args.filename)):
cli.log.error('JSON file does not exist!')
# Parse the configurator json
with open(qmk.path.normpath(cli.args.filename), 'r') as fd:
user_keymap = json.load(fd)
# Generate the keymap
keymap_path = qmk.path.keymap(user_keymap['keyboard'])'Creating {fg_cyan}%s{style_reset_all} keymap in {fg_cyan}%s', user_keymap['keymap'], keymap_path)
qmk.keymap.write(user_keymap['keyboard'], user_keymap['keymap'], user_keymap['layout'], user_keymap['layers'])'Wrote keymap to {fg_cyan}%s/%s/keymap.c', keymap_path, user_keymap['keymap'])
# Compile the keymap
command = ['make', ':'.join((user_keymap['keyboard'], user_keymap['keymap']))]'Compiling keymap with {fg_cyan}%s\n\n', ' '.join(command))