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"""QMK Python Doctor
Check up for QMK environment.
import shutil
import platform
import os
from milc import cli
@cli.entrypoint('Basic QMK environment checks')
def main(cli):
"""Basic QMK environment checks.
This is currently very simple, it just checks that all the expected binaries are on your system.
* [ ] Run the binaries to make sure they work
* [ ] Compile a trivial program with each compiler
* [ ] Check for udev entries on linux
binaries = ['dfu-programmer', 'avrdude', 'dfu-util', 'avr-gcc', 'arm-none-eabi-gcc']'QMK Doctor is Checking your environment')
ok = True
for binary in binaries:
res = shutil.which(binary)
if res is None:
cli.log.error('{fg_red}QMK can\'t find ' + binary + ' in your path')
ok = False
OS = platform.system()
if OS == "Darwin":"Detected {fg_cyan}macOS")
elif OS == "Linux":"Detected {fg_cyan}linux")
test = 'systemctl list-unit-files | grep enabled | grep -i ModemManager'
if os.system(test) == 0:
cli.log.warn("{bg_yellow}Detected modem manager. Please disable it if you are using Pro Micros")
else:"Assuming {fg_cyan}Windows")
if ok:'{fg_green}QMK is ready to go')