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"""Read and write configuration settings
from milc import cli
def print_config(section, key):
"""Print a single config setting to stdout.
cli.echo('%s.%s{fg_cyan}={fg_reset}%s', section, key, cli.config[section][key])
def show_config():
"""Print the current configuration to stdout.
for section in cli.config:
for key in cli.config[section]:
print_config(section, key)
def parse_config_token(config_token):
"""Split a user-supplied configuration-token into its components.
section = option = value = None
if '=' in config_token and '.' not in config_token:
cli.log.error('Invalid configuration token, the key must be of the form <section>.<option>: %s', config_token)
return section, option, value
# Separate the key (<section>.<option>) from the value
if '=' in config_token:
key, value = config_token.split('=')
key = config_token
# Extract the section and option from the key
if '.' in key:
section, option = key.split('.', 1)
section = key
return section, option, value
def set_config(section, option, value):
"""Set a config key in the running config.
log_string = '%s.%s{fg_cyan}:{fg_reset} %s {fg_cyan}->{fg_reset} %s'
if cli.args.read_only:
log_string += ' {fg_red}(change not written)'
cli.echo(log_string, section, option, cli.config[section][option], value)
if not cli.args.read_only:
if value == 'None':
del cli.config[section][option]
cli.config[section][option] = value
@cli.argument('-ro', '--read-only', arg_only=True, action='store_true', help='Operate in read-only mode.')
@cli.argument('configs', nargs='*', arg_only=True, help='Configuration options to read or write.')
@cli.subcommand("Read and write configuration settings.")
def config(cli):
"""Read and write config settings.
This script iterates over the config_tokens supplied as argument. Each config_token has the following form:
If only a section (EG 'compile') is supplied all keys for that section will be displayed.
If section.key is supplied the value for that single key will be displayed.
If section.key=value is supplied the value for that single key will be set.
If section.key=None is supplied the key will be deleted.
No validation is done to ensure that the supplied section.key is actually used by qmk scripts.
if not cli.args.configs:
return show_config()
# Process config_tokens
save_config = False
for argument in cli.args.configs:
# Split on space in case they quoted multiple config tokens
for config_token in argument.split(' '):
section, option, value = parse_config_token(config_token)
# Validation
if option and '.' in option:
cli.log.error('Config keys may not have more than one period! "%s" is not valid.', config_token)
return False
# Do what the user wants
if section and option and value:
# Write a configuration option
set_config(section, option, value)
if not cli.args.read_only:
save_config = True
elif section and option:
# Display a single key
print_config(section, option)
elif section:
# Display an entire section
for key in cli.config[section]:
print_config(section, key)
# Ending actions
if save_config:
return True