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"""Compile and flash QMK Firmware
You can compile a keymap already in the repo or using a QMK Configurator export.
A bootloader must be specified.
import subprocess
import qmk.path
from milc import cli
from qmk.commands import compile_configurator_json, create_make_command, parse_configurator_json
def print_bootloader_help():
"""Prints the available bootloaders listed in
"""'Here are the available bootloaders:')
cli.echo('For more info, visit')
@cli.argument('-bl', '--bootloader', default='flash', help='The flash command, corresponding to qmk\'s make options of bootloaders.')
@cli.argument('filename', nargs='?', arg_only=True, help='The configurator export JSON to compile. Use this if you dont want to specify a keymap and keyboard.')
@cli.argument('-km', '--keymap', help='The keymap to build a firmware for. Use this if you dont have a configurator file. Ignored when a configurator file is supplied.')
@cli.argument('-kb', '--keyboard', help='The keyboard to build a firmware for. Use this if you dont have a configurator file. Ignored when a configurator file is supplied.')
@cli.argument('-b', '--bootloaders', action='store_true', help='List the available bootloaders.')
@cli.subcommand('QMK Flash.')
def flash(cli):
"""Compile and or flash QMK Firmware or keyboard/layout
If a Configurator JSON export is supplied this command will create a new keymap. Keymap and Keyboard arguments
will be ignored.
If no file is supplied, keymap and keyboard are expected.
If bootloader is omitted, the one according to the will be used.
command = []
if cli.args.bootloaders:
# Provide usage and list bootloaders
cli.echo('usage: qmk flash [-h] [-b] [-kb KEYBOARD] [-km KEYMAP] [-bl BOOTLOADER] [filename]')
return False
elif cli.args.keymap and not cli.args.keyboard:
# If only a keymap was given but no keyboard, suggest listing keyboards
cli.echo('usage: qmk flash [-h] [-b] [-kb KEYBOARD] [-km KEYMAP] [-bl BOOTLOADER] [filename]')
cli.log.error('run \'qmk list_keyboards\' to find out the supported keyboards')
return False
elif cli.args.filename:
# Get keymap path to log info
user_keymap = parse_configurator_json(cli.args.filename)
keymap_path = qmk.path.keymap(user_keymap['keyboard'])'Creating {fg_cyan}%s{style_reset_all} keymap in {fg_cyan}%s', user_keymap['keymap'], keymap_path)
# Convert the JSON into a C file and write it to disk.
command = compile_configurator_json(cli.args.filename, cli.args.bootloader)'Wrote keymap to {fg_cyan}%s/%s/keymap.c', keymap_path, user_keymap['keymap'])
elif cli.args.keyboard and cli.args.keymap:
# Generate the make command for a specific keyboard/keymap.
command = create_make_command(cli.config.flash.keyboard, cli.config.flash.keymap, cli.args.bootloader)
cli.echo('usage: qmk flash [-h] [-b] [-kb KEYBOARD] [-km KEYMAP] [-bl BOOTLOADER] [filename]')
cli.log.error('You must supply a configurator export or both `--keyboard` and `--keymap`. You can also specify a bootloader with --bootloader. Use --bootloaders to list the available bootloaders.')
return False'Flashing keymap with {fg_cyan}%s\n\n', ' '.join(command))