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"""Convert raw KLE to JSON
import json
import os
from pathlib import Path
from decimal import Decimal
from collections import OrderedDict
from milc import cli
from kle2xy import KLE2xy
from qmk.converter import kle2qmk
class CustomJSONEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
def default(self, obj):
if isinstance(obj, Decimal):
if obj % 2 in (Decimal(0), Decimal(1)):
return int(obj)
return float(obj)
except TypeError:
return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)
@cli.argument('filename', help='The KLE raw txt to convert')
@cli.argument('-f', '--force', action='store_true', help='Flag to overwrite current info.json')
@cli.subcommand('Convert a KLE layout to a Configurator JSON')
def kle2json(cli):
"""Convert a KLE layout to QMK's layout format.
""" # If filename is a path
if cli.args.filename.startswith("/") or cli.args.filename.startswith("./"):
file_path = Path(cli.args.filename)
# Otherwise assume it is a file name
file_path = Path(os.environ['ORIG_CWD'], cli.args.filename)
# Check for valid file_path for more graceful failure
if not file_path.exists():
return cli.log.error('File {fg_cyan}%s{style_reset_all} was not found.', str(file_path))
out_path = file_path.parent
raw_code =
# Check if info.json exists, allow overwrite with force
if Path(out_path, "info.json").exists() and not cli.args.force:
cli.log.error('File {fg_cyan}%s/info.json{style_reset_all} already exists, use -f or --force to overwrite.', str(out_path))
return False
# Convert KLE raw to x/y coordinates (using kle2xy package from skullydazed)
kle = KLE2xy(raw_code)
except Exception as e:
cli.log.error('Could not parse KLE raw data: %s', raw_code)
# FIXME: This should be better
return cli.log.error('Could not parse KLE raw data.')
keyboard = OrderedDict(,
layouts={'LAYOUT': {
'layout': 'LAYOUT_JSON_HERE'
# Initialize keyboard with json encoded from ordered dict
keyboard = json.dumps(keyboard, indent=4, separators=(', ', ': '), sort_keys=False, cls=CustomJSONEncoder)
# Initialize layout with kle2qmk from converter module
layout = json.dumps(kle2qmk(kle), separators=(', ', ':'), cls=CustomJSONEncoder)
# Replace layout in keyboard json
keyboard = keyboard.replace('"LAYOUT_JSON_HERE"', layout)
# Write our info.json
file = open(str(out_path) + "/info.json", "w")
file.close()'Wrote out {fg_cyan}%s/info.json', str(out_path))