12195 Commits (master)

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  Collin J. Doering a592e7b7ce
Modify location of F# keys in lower/raise layers 10 months ago
  Collin J. Doering 6a77d8f382
Add stenography layout 10 months ago
  Collin J. Doering cf9d3fda92
Initial keebio/levinson/rev3:rekahsoft keymapp 10 months ago
  QMK Bot 7642075fc3 format code according to conventions [skip ci] 10 months ago
  Ryan ca91dc594b
V-USB: Remove some stuff from usbconfig.h that should not be configurable (#8656) 10 months ago
  jotix 26cb83b8c0
jotix layouts (#8644) 10 months ago
  Joel Challis 2392ddb76b
Enable memcore to fix malloc/rand crashes (#8695) 10 months ago
  Ryan 6de77141a4
Doctor: Add avrdude/dfu-util/dfu-programmer version printing (#8678) 10 months ago
  ThePanduuh 6f6c2e1c5c
updated rules.mk and default keymap of Wonderland for VIA support (#8668) 10 months ago
  Wilba 48cad94d7e
Added Caps Lock LED handler to wilba.tech PCBs (#8660) 10 months ago
  halfenergized 90665aeec9
Add keyboard TGR-910 (#8683) 10 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre 845953cc67
V-USB remote wakeup (#7627) 10 months ago
  Ryan c3c2eb71e1
Add Greek keymap (#8636) 10 months ago
  Ryan 28a6a4a15b
Add Polish keymap (#8637) 10 months ago
  Drashna Jaelre ccb37f673a
Add Russian keymap (#8638) 10 months ago
  Ryan c5efbc45a1
Add Korean keymap (#8635) 10 months ago
  Joshua Rubin 6a0d3c3517
[Keyboard] Add 60_hhkb layout to hhkb (#8618) 10 months ago
  coseyfannitutti 2fbbac04bb
[Keyboard] romeo - add via layout (#8667) 10 months ago
  huajijam 04c81a04c7
[Keyboard] Add ReverseStudio-DecadePad (#8553) 10 months ago
  yfuku 120fcc58b6
[Keyboard] Add bat43 Keyboard (#8648) 10 months ago
  skullY 2f15cb2126 minor tweaks 10 months ago
  Ross Baquir 8af156d976 Fix saving output from avrdude and dfu-programmer 10 months ago
  Ross Baquir 70b5015162 Use version_arg in ESSENTIAL_BINARIES dict 11 months ago
  Ross Baquir 3fad3854d6 Fixes #8541 by getting version from -dumpversion then --version as fallback 11 months ago
  MechMerlin 38d7145da2
VIA Support: 1upkeyboards Sweet16 (#8652) 10 months ago
  Ethan Durrant 6e8876be39
[Keyboard] Lattice60 (#8603) 10 months ago
  coseyfannitutti 0bb2924670
Discipline - Add ISO compatibility, rawHID enable, via layout (#8627) 10 months ago
  ai03 2f623daa45
[Keyboard] Add Orbit-X Keyboard (#8605) 10 months ago
  Joshua Rubin ebbaba9001
add 60_tsangan_hhkb layout to GH60 rev. C (#8617) 10 months ago
  Joshua Rubin 5f35b07102
add 60_tsangan_hhkb layout to dz60 rules (#8616) 10 months ago
  QMK Bot 59188bf29d format code according to conventions [skip ci] 10 months ago
  Joel Challis 9c4bf0ac4a
Initial support for ATtiny85 (#8632) 10 months ago
  yiancar f2901375ce
Add VIA to Gingham (#8651) 10 months ago
  Takuya Urakawa f65e79477f
Add via keymap to plaid (#8640) 10 months ago
  chemicalwill 3094422b33
Fixed info.json (#8653) 11 months ago
  Joel Challis 31fd0cbc1c
Fix AVR ws2812 when ADDRESS_BASE is non zero (#8646) 11 months ago
  Ryan 2b427f774a
Fix `pgm_read_ptr()` define for ARM (#8658) 11 months ago
  Silvio Gulizia 85444176b2
[Keymap] sigul Planck layout updates (#8649) 11 months ago
  2Moons-JP 52b48997eb
info.json fix for basekeys/slice (#8606) 11 months ago
  umi 808aab8496
add japanese translation (feature part 01) (#8196) 11 months ago
  Xyverz 0742f9fc96
Changes to my Ergodox & Planck keymaps (#8622) 11 months ago
  Joel Challis 58a9c84d6b
Strip out features to allow minimum firmware sizes (#8645) 11 months ago
  yiancar c217186bea
Updated V-USB template to allow usbFunctionWriteOut (#8634) 11 months ago
  fauxpark 781308507d Switch to ANSI layout 11 months ago
  spe2 2eb6cb0dfd
Add additional minimal "mini" keymap for Centromere (#8579) 11 months ago
  Ryan 95c5c11d0b
Miscellaneous cleanups (#8639) 11 months ago
  Joel Challis b6a09502c6
Migrate :program logic to :flash (#8631) 11 months ago
  shela 1962135418
[Docs] Update Japanese translation of i2c_driver.md (#8523) 11 months ago
  Takuya Urakawa d79be051dd
[Docs] Japanese translation of hardware_*.md (#8278) 11 months ago
  fauxpark 3fe8d604a4 Add Russian keymap 11 months ago