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Ryan 6de77141a4
Doctor: Add avrdude/dfu-util/dfu-programmer version printing (#8678) 2 years ago
skullY 2f15cb2126 minor tweaks 2 years ago
Ross Baquir 8af156d976 Fix saving output from avrdude and dfu-programmer 2 years ago
Ross Baquir 70b5015162 Use version_arg in ESSENTIAL_BINARIES dict 2 years ago
Ross Baquir 3fad3854d6 Fixes #8541 by getting version from -dumpversion then --version as fallback 2 years ago
Erovia c89c084146
CLI: More MSYS2 fixes (#8577) 2 years ago
Erovia 8123dd2649 CLI: Hide json-keymap subcommand, as it's been deprecated. 2 years ago
skullydazed f81b0e35a6
Add decorators for determining keyboard and keymap based on current directory (#8191) 2 years ago
skullY 799acb2802 use qmk.path.normpath to locate the output file. 2 years ago
skullydazed 2a05d433c9
Rename qmk json-keymap to qmk json2c (#8372) 2 years ago
skullydazed cf40c33c90
Add gcc version detection to qmk doctor (#8338) 2 years ago
James Young 26eef35f07
2020 February 29 Breaking Changes Update (#8064) 2 years ago
Mikkel Jeppesen 4667bc554e
Fixed OS detection such that OSX doesn't take over the world (#8248) 2 years ago
Akaash Suresh b353028ea5
New functionality for cformat (#7893) 2 years ago
skullydazed c66930445f
Use pathlib everywhere we can (#7872) 2 years ago
Mikkel Jeppesen 0d3f0889c5
Fix os detection in OSX python 3.8 (#8187) 2 years ago
skullY 58101cbb73 fix list_keymaps for python 3.5 2 years ago
Erovia 512261b343 Pathlib-ify qmk.keymap.list_keymaps() 2 years ago
Erovia 3db41817e0 Code cleanup, use pathlib, use pytest keyboard 2 years ago
Erovia 8eeab1112a Fix commandline parsing and flake8 findings, rebase 2 years ago
Erovia 988bfffca2 Major rework, no regex/globbing, more walking 2 years ago
Erovia 8ff72d9517 Fix merging community and base keymaps 2 years ago
Erovia 4445e0a459 Return only the unique keymaps 2 years ago
Erovia 3ed1223678 Drop bs4 dependency, update docs, minor improvements 2 years ago
Erovia d257a98cb8 Fix regex for parsing rules.mk files 2 years ago
Erovia f8002828ca Add test for list_keymaps 2 years ago
Erovia 26f53d38d9 Another major refactoring, add documentation 2 years ago
Erovia f96085af38 Fix output format 2 years ago
Erovia e46cc2db8c Try to figure out revision, drop -rv/--revision argument 2 years ago
Erovia c3b168e6fd Fix help message. 2 years ago
Erovia 62c1bcba71 Get all buildable keymaps for each revision 2 years ago
Erovia 057c7d0ffe Major update to work better with revisions 2 years ago
Erovia 409c610543 CLI: add support for list_keymaps 2 years ago
Mikkel Jeppesen 310b2f1be4
use replace() over rename() to have cross-platform overwriting (#8148) 2 years ago
Erovia b6e23f974b
Update the flash cli command to use the user config (#8125) 2 years ago
Joel Challis 75e7018f72 CI: Add workflow for CLI testing (#7357) 2 years ago
Cody Bender e77188458f
Add QMK Compile Context Sensitivity (#6884) 2 years ago
skullydazed 5780c94423
Improve the functionality of qmk.questions (#8020) 2 years ago
Joel Challis 5b91c3e0a0
Fix cformat processing files within ignore folders (#8063) 2 years ago
Mikkel Jeppesen 197a401be6 Qmk doctor os check to support newer msys2/w10 installations (#8031) 2 years ago
skullydazed 5e65af3a76 Beef up how `qmk doctor` works. (#7375) 2 years ago
Joel Challis 8e500c3670 Align cformat rules with current CI implementation (#7936) 2 years ago
Erovia 1f86e8ae9a Fix attribute heritance for long commands. 2 years ago
Erovia e7f6e90a22 Fix commandline arg merging, small improvements 2 years ago
Erovia 20290a1cff MILC: Fix/complete attribute heritance 2 years ago
skullY 81ec3b5f81 yapf and style 2 years ago
Erovia 8f47e62b36 Make the udev rules easier to read and manage 2 years ago
Erovia e905d86fc5 Fix Pro Micro's and its bootloader's name 2 years ago
Erovia c6f47b5bd7 CLI: Rework ModemManager check and add udev check 2 years ago
Zach White 294caf1ff1 Also fix flash 2 years ago