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skullydazed f7bdc54c69
Add flake8 to our test suite and fix all errors (#7379) 2 years ago
Joel Challis d2115f7d1c
Allow 'make all:<user>' to not build EVERYTHING (#7402) 2 years ago
Drashna Jaelre e6b9980bd4 Remove keymap_config extern from default keymaps (#7399) 2 years ago
kakunpc 46606e1ea5 [Keyboard] Add "thedogkeyboard" (#7401) 2 years ago
trinity1561 0a5125a535 [Keyboard] Update e65.c to fix Caps Lock indicator (#7405) 2 years ago
Drashna Jaelre eb91c96288
[Keymap] All about (ARM) RGB and OLEDs (drashna keymaps) (#7354) 2 years ago
Drashna Jaelre 8e8986b250
Add auto-handling of stale PRs/Issues (#7197) 2 years ago
kuchosauronad0 b90edb75a3 [Docs] Start of German translation of documentation (#6909) 2 years ago
Takeshi ISHII 3b9a139c07 fix feature_advanced_keycodes.md's link (#7421) 2 years ago
ashpil acd02e4469 [Keyboard] Add support for Model M USB C Controller (#7393) 2 years ago
Campbell Barton 8725f37de7 [Keymap] Update to qwerty_code_friendly (#7416) 2 years ago
moyi4681 831696611a [Keyboard] dz60rgb_wkl malposition fix (#7418) 2 years ago
angelbirth 03e50e6dc9 ASH-1800 (#7031) 2 years ago
Erovia 25e9853efe [Core] Fix ps2avrgb template (#7412) 2 years ago
Erovia c1c27b83aa [Keyboard] Add support for the THE30 keyboard (#7390) 2 years ago
くまお工房 bb87bdec82 [Keyboard] Add Kudox column-staggered layout. (#7400) 2 years ago
Mihai Olteanu 687a24f298 Fix typo and code indentation (#7410) 2 years ago
shela 23f828a2f3 [Docs] Fix Japanese country flag (#7407) 2 years ago
skullydazed 9c58da6b12
Improve a number of things about how MILC operates (#7344) 2 years ago
moyi4681 b608bddc5e knight Indicator light fix (#7398) 2 years ago
Takeshi ISHII cee8df3edf [Docs] Modified the description about setting debug_enable in `docs/faq_debug.md`. (#7394) 2 years ago
Luiz Correia e58dd1a09a [Keyboard] Add abnt2 layout to gh60 (#7371) 2 years ago
zvecr a91c0c4765 Run clang-format manually to fix recently changed files 2 years ago
James Young 6b18ca2875 Add Community Layout: 60_abnt2 (#7381) 2 years ago
Erovia 7b6c8e89ca Doc fix to conform with #7221 (#7392) 2 years ago
James Young 46d0fe44f3 [Keyboard] Cutie Club Wraith: Configurator Bugfix for LAYOUT_iso (#7376) 2 years ago
Robert Akhmerov 634b277b07 [Docs] Explain Tap Dance interruption (#5520) 2 years ago
QMK Bot 7891de7f6d format code according to conventions [skip ci] 2 years ago
jorgemanzo 897888db41 Add CLI command for flashing a keyboard 2 years ago
jotix 4f5b34af56 [Keymap] add_mouse_keys (#7372) 2 years ago
Joel Challis b94f6cb116
Port SPLIT_USB_DETECT to crkbd (#7195) 2 years ago
XScorpion2 0f0c73f14a Updated slave encoder sync to reduce dropped pulses (#7325) 2 years ago
Drashna Jaelre f6b5f6db76 Improvements to Solenoid feature (#7369) 2 years ago
Richard Baptist 381b73fcac Fix the RGB_MATRIX_RAINBOW_PINWHEELS animation (#7365) 2 years ago
Salicylic-acid3 ad36bb37dd [Keyboard] Add keyboard Nafuda (#7367) 2 years ago
moyi4681 1c9e450218 [Keyboard] kbdfans keyboards NKRO enable (#7364) 2 years ago
James Young 700bea41f8
[Keyboard] fix DZ60RGB info.json (#7362) 2 years ago
Sid Carter 43889326fc Adding new pcb with default keymap and personal keymap (#7314) 2 years ago
fauxpark f98750de6e [Core] Cleanup rules.mk for F303 keyboards (#7306) 2 years ago
Takeshi ISHII c19e4da8af [Docs] Japanese translation of docs/ja/newbs_best_practices.md (#7337) 2 years ago
fauxpark 519df78cdb
Set device version from config.h for V-USB boards (#7316) 2 years ago
fauxpark 3047335729
Add support for configurable polling interval and power usage o… (#7336) 2 years ago
jotix a2eb962704 capslock_led (#7359) 2 years ago
Drashna Jaelre 1cf63a193b
Move Ergodox EZ RGB Light code to custom driver (#7309) 2 years ago
Jake Waksbaum 8dc9764f31 Fix shell.nix by pinning nixpkgs (#6213) 2 years ago
moyi4681 426c03eda0 [Keyboard] add kbdmini; dztech, kbdfans keyboards cleanup (#7223) 2 years ago
fauxpark 5edd4b99fe [Docs] Encourage newbs to not download the repo as a zip (#7353) 2 years ago
Drashna Jaelre 872744f5ab Update debounce docs (#7355) 2 years ago
MechMerlin 44df08746a [Keyboard] Add TG4x (#7351) 2 years ago
MechMerlin 661462218b [Keyboard] Add FLX Virgo (#7352) 2 years ago